Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I couldn’t imagine a better place to live as a wife,  mother, mother-in-law and proud grandmother of five. Grounded in Midwest values, I hold fast to my belief that  with God  in control… it’s all good.

Enthralled at the age of four by a weekly 15-minute TV program, Stairway to the Stars produced by a local dance studio, I discovered my first and lasting passion. I had to dance! How lucky I was to become a student at that very same studio and begin my training. As a professional ballet and tap teacher for the past 21 years, the absolute best compliment I’ve ever received was that I gave children the love of dance. Of course, that love was already there. I was just blessed to be instrumental in its development. Much of my teaching career has been spent working with very young students including two of my own beautiful and talented granddaughters. Never having a daughter of my own, this has been a dream come true.  Whenever someone hears that I’m a dance teacher, they inevitably tell me that they’ve always wanted to learn to tap. Fully appreciating the tremendous physical and emotional benefits of dance and encouraged by its popularity, I began marketing  tap classes for beginning adults and senior citizens. They became some of the most delightful and dedicated students I’ve ever taught. I’ve directed a successful community dance program for 8 years where I also enjoyed teaching jazz classes.  When my son and future daughter-in-law asked me to choreograph their wedding dance as well as  the father-daughter dance,  a treasured memory was born along with a new enterprise.   I currently choreograph several local elementary schools’ annual Spring productions and  take great pleasure in mentoring outrageously creative 3rd graders in writer workshops.    I continue to learn more from my students than I could ever teach.

I’m convinced that the constant reinvention of oneself is the key to happiness. I was told, while in my 20’s, that I had a flair for writing but it wasn’t until November of 2002 when I connected with friend and fellow dance teacher, Pandre’ Shandley (Miss Pandy), that a new passion emerged. While she recovered from a serious neck injury, we decided to form a partnership and write a dance novel. The old saying “ignorance is bliss” was never more true! The brick walls were many, but the journey that began as our secret pastime eventually evolved into The Legend of L’Esprit, our laughter and tears worth every step.

I recently stepped away from the studio to focus on the publication and marketing process as well as the writing of the second of our Dance Legacy Series. I enjoy knitting and am an avid spectator of all Wisconsin sports especially hockey. Go Admirals! Yes, I am a Packer fan. No, I do not own nor have ever worn a cheesehead (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I’ve always loved books and libraries and I’m happiest when I have a good book, like a patient friend, waiting for me at the end of the day.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading The Legend of L’Esprit and may you be inspired to find your life’s true passion.

Love,  Miss Doris♥